Yellow Box Challenge ~ Western Cuisine – Freestyle Dessert
~ Show out your own recipe, ingredients & dish name.
~ Standing the chance to win away RM 2,000 (T&C apply)
~ To complete two dishes for 1~2 people within 45 minutes, the dish name, recipe and formula need to be placed.
~ Serving must be done on separate plates. (1 for display and 1 for tasting)
~ The judges will taste the food and comment on the spot.
~ Results will be published at the competition venue.

黄箱 – 西式菜肴 – 自由式甜点
~ 展示出你独特的烹饪配方,材料和菜品名称。
~ 冠军将有机会赢取RM 2,000奖金。(必需符合条规)
~ 要求在45分钟内完成两份1~2人菜肴,需要放置菜品名称、食谱和配方。
~ 装盘时必须用独立的盘子。(一份为展示,一份为评判试食)
~ 评审们会在现场试食与现场评论菜品。
~ 参赛分数将会公布在比赛会场。

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